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FlagHi - Condition Differential Effect

Let us help you prepare for your next round by performing the FlagHi calculations for you! Send the following information to and we'll reply with the FlagHi calculated approximate %-increase to carry distances.*

This is what we need:

1) HOME CONDITIONS - Your typical home course conditions for Temperature, Elevation and Humidity. Use the internet to search for your home course's elevation above sea-level, and for average temperature and humidity if you do not know them.

2) DESTINATION - Where you will be playing golf.

3) WHEN - The date and time of your round.

For example:

Hi FlagHi Guys,

I'm from Phoenix and play most of my golf in the spring. I usually play when it's about 83 degrees and 20% humidity. Phoenix is at 1,086 feet elevation according to Google, but my GPS altitude app says 1,200 feet when I'm on the 1st tee box at my home track, so please use 1,200 as the elevation.

I'm going to Cherry Hill in Englewood, CO this coming Friday the 11th and my tee time is at 7:15 AM. I hear all the time about how Colorado's elevation will add carry to my clubs but I have always known that the "just add 10%" is a rough guess. Say...why do people still guess about the effect…especially the guys on TV? And even if it is 10%, that cannot hold true for everyone, right? It's gotta be different coming from San Diego versus coming from Phoenix or even Utah for that matter. I really need to know my new carry numbers! Help!!

Thanks for helping me understand what kind of difference in carry distance I should expect to see at Cherry Hill!

Thanks and your app is awesome.


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* We will do our best to respond to you in time for your round of golf but cannot guarantee anything. There are a lot of you and only two of us. You can download the FlagHi apps from iTunes and the Droid release is on its way. Also, the % increase or decrease will be calculated using a 100 yard club at home. Meaning, if it goes 100 at home, and FlagHi calculates it will go only 97 yards when you play on the road - we would tell you you are losing 3% carry across the bag.

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Presently, the FlagHi and FlagHi Pro calculated distances are approximate and are based on the carry distance for each club as configured by the user. At this time neither FlagHi nor FlagHi Pro takes wind or real-time elevation changes into account when calculating distances. However, we are presently working on design considerations that include among other things the use of real time feeds for elevation and temperature, allowing for dynamic distance adjustments during your round of golf. Be sure to install our updates. Thank you.


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