Patent Pending

FlagHi Software Design Services

FlagHi provides patent-pending technology that answers two age-old questions in golf:

  - How are the current playing conditions affecting my "stock" golf club carry distances?


  - I know the measured distance of this shot, but based on the conditions, how far does this shot actually play?

Our technology was first made available to the masses via our two apps: FlagHi, and FlagHi Pro. But we quickly discovered there are other interesting uses of this technology. 

Let us help you incorporate the proven and pro-trusted FlagHi technology into your product whether it is an app or a website. Our design services can help you get the most out of a FlagHi API / licensing agreement. We can help you define a user experience; document requirements and use cases; create UI mockups; draft a test plan; and help you message your new differentiating features to your customers / visitors.

Please contact us at for further information and to discuss your objectives.