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FlagHi is easy to set up and easy to use ...

Setup (This takes only a few minutes, and you might do this only once or twice a year)

Configure your "baseline" conditions. These are the conditions to which you associate the usual and familiar carry distances of your clubs.

1) Tap the My Home Course button from the Home interface.

2) Enter the Average Temperature, Average Humidity, and the Elevation of your "Home Course".

​3) Select your preferred units of measure, then tap Done.

As an example: If your "Home Course" is Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, CA and you typically visit the driving range or play golf in the morning in the summer months, then you would enter 70 degrees Fahrenheit as your Average Temperature; 350 Feet as your Elevation; and 70% as your Average Humidity.

Configure your golf clubs.

1) Tap the My Clubs button from the Home interface.

2) Tap the green circle with the "+" to add a club. Alternatively, tap the Edit button to make changes to a saved club.

3) Select the type of club from the list or enter a custom name for your club.

4) Use the distance wheels to select the CARRY DISTANCE for that club.

5) Optionally enter the loft of the club. FlagHi users find this helpful for distinguishing between wedges.

6) Optionally configure the display preference of the club.

7) Tap Done.

8) Repeat from step 2 until you have configured all of your clubs.

You are now finished configuring the FlagHi app. You don't need to perform these Setup tasks again, unless there is a need to reestablish your "baseline" playing conditions or club carry distances.

​Using FlagHi and FlagHi Pro

​Both FlagHi and FlagHi Pro have the "Current Distances" interface which calculates adjusted carry distances for your clubs. This provides you with club-centric adjustments based on the current playing conditions.

​Calculate new golf club carry distances.

1) Tap the Current Distances button from the Home interface.

2) Tap the fields at the top to enter the current conditions for Temperature, Elevation and Humidity. The field turns green when that condition is "helping" and red when "hurting".

3) The interface displays the updated carry distance for that club (the top number) and the adjustment to your typical carry distance for that club (the bottom number). When the overall adjustment is positive, it is green. When the overall adjustment is negative, it is red.

4) Swipe left or right to scroll through all of your clubs.

5) Tap the Y/M button to toggle between Yards and Meters for the displayed calculations.

Calculate "Home Course" equivalent golf shot distances (using FlagHi Pro's PlaysAs feature)

FlagHi Pro includes the PlaysAs feature which provides you with shot-centric adjustments: enter the distance of your shot and PlaysAs calculates the equivalent distance at your "Home Course". Stated otherwise, PlaysAs calculates the distance a shot "plays" for YOU. 

1) Tap the PlaysAs button from the Home interface.

​2) Use the slider control or the + / - buttons to enter the distance you want to convert. **

3) The PlaysAs value displays the calculated equivalent distance at your "Home Course".

4) The bottom pane displays the club with the baseline carry distance that is nearest the PlaysAs value.

​As an example: You travel from San Diego, CA (elevation: sea-level) to Denver, CO (elevation: 5,280 feet). You are standing on the tee-box of a 185-yard Par 3 in Denver. You are certain that the shot does not play 185 yards, and so you are not sure which club to hit. You know that elevation is making a difference, but you also know that Temperature and Humidity have an effect as well. 

With your "My Home Course" configured for San Diego's Torrey Pines Golf Course (70' Fahrenheit; 350 Feet Elevation; 70% Humidity) and the conditions for Denver entered in the Current Distances interface (60' Fahrenheit; 5,280 Feet Elevation; and 45% Humidity) you launch PlaysAs. You enter 185 into the top field. The interface displays a PlaysAs value of 171 yards. It also does a lookup and finds the club with a configured distance closest to 171 yards: your 7-iron.

Based on the PlaysAs calculations you should hit a shot that you normally hit 171 yards at "Home". The effects of the differences in Temperature, Elevation and Humidity between San Diego and Denver are causing your ball to carry farther in Denver. Per this example: a 171-yard shot in San Diego will carry 185 yards in Denver. Hit your 7-iron with confidence and watch it sail through the Denver air and land flag high.

**The input range is 50 - 600, allowing you to enter the distance for a shot...or even the distance for an entire hole. FlagHi users find it helpful to understand the PlaysAs distance for an entire hole since it helps with shot strategy: Based on the adjustments you may conclude that the best club off the tee is not Driver.

Note: You MUST configure all of your "Home Course" conditions AND all of the conditions in the Current Distances interface prior to using the PlaysAs interface.