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FlagHi™ Joins the Golf Coaches Association of America as a Corporate Partner; GCAA Great Fit for the FlagHi App

FlagHi can help college teams prepare for tournaments on the road by adjusting for the differences between “Home” and “Away” playing conditions

Paradise Valley, Ariz. and San Diego - Feb. 3, 2014 - The creators of the first-of-its-kind golf app, FlagHi™ (, today announced their new relationship as a Corporate Partner of the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA).  

“Sponsoring the GCAA provides us with the fantastic opportunity to place our technology in the hands of more than 3,000 student golfers and their coaches across the U.S.,” said Mark Stratz, co-founder of 655 Maple, LLC and co-creator of FlagHi.  “We believe our patent-pending technology is a perfect fit for traveling college teams who understand the need to adjust for the different playing conditions encountered during tournament play on the road. FlagHi helps teams better understand how carry distances will be affected.” 

The FlagHi technology has already been successfully utilized by two teams in the latter half of the 2013 collegiate golf season. 

“We applied our technology to determine how ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ playing yardages differed for two Division I teams as they traveled,” said Nate Regimbal, co-creator of FlagHi and co-founder at 655 Maple, LLC. “FlagHi was used to provide a mapping of distances. It showed that ‘a shot that plays X yards at tomorrow’s tournament is equivalent to a shot that plays Y yards at home’. We did this for several of their tournaments, and the feedback was very positive.” 

Stratz added, “FlagHi’s projected distances were spot on during our internal testing at various courses and conditions around the country, and the world for that matter. However, getting feedback from these teams that the adjustments were working – that was awesome.” 

Regarding value proposition, Mark and Nate observed that the coaches immediately understood the benefits of the home vs. away conversions, and the utility of knowing the shot distance equivalencies. 

A FlagHi early adopter shared his opinion of the technology and its utility. "FlagHi really helped my players understand how big of a difference there was in every city we played. The technology is fantastic.” said Garrett Clegg, Pullman, Washington. 

FlagHi and FlagHi Pro can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store for $4.99 and $9.99, respectively. Discount pricing is available per the App Store’s Discount for Educational Institutions policy.


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About FlagHi

FlagHi ( is a game-changing smartphone technology for golfers. It addresses the centuries-old problem of being forced to guess how the current conditions of temperature, elevation and humidity are affecting the carry distance for each of a player's clubs. The patent-pending FlagHi technology, available on Apple's iOS platform (Android coming soon), determines the individual and aggregate effects of the differences in playing conditions between a golfer's home course and the golf course currently being played. The FlagHi algorithms adjust the carry distances for each golf club as determined by the current conditions. FlagHi Pro includes the PlaysAs interface, which provides the additional capability of being able to enter the distance for a current shot - whether measured via walk-off, or range-finder, tee box, or the distances in a yardage book - so golfers can understand what that distance actually plays - and therefore know which club to hit. The simple and intuitive FlagHi user interface won't delay the pace of play, and is reflective of this simple fact for golf: The golf ball flies through the air. And when the air changes, so too will the distance the ball carries. By allowing FlagHi to do the math for them, golfers of any ability now have the confidence of pulling the right club, and then watching how the conditions affect the carry distance of the ball. For more information, visit, on Facebook at, or on Twitter @FlagHiApp.

About GCAA

The GCAA is the professional association of men's golf coaches. Established in 1958, this non-profit organization is dedicated to educating, promoting and recognizing its members who participate in men's golf at all levels.  Serving more than 700 men's college golf coaches across the United States. 

For more information, visit or on Twitter @GolfCoachesAssn


Steve Stratz

Illuminate Public Relations for FlagHi