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New Golf App, FlagHi™, Removes the Uncertainty about the Carry Distances of Your Golf Clubs

The FlagHi smartphone apps calculate new golf club carry distances, and the distances that golf shots actually play, based on current playing conditions for temperature, elevation and humidity

Paradise Valley, Ariz. and San Diego - Nov. 13, 2013 - Autumn golf is in full swing. Golf courses and playing conditions have changed substantially since the summer months - and golf balls are flying different distances. 655 Maple, LLC ( today launched FlagHi™ (, its first-of-a-kind smartphone technology that calculates a new carry distance for each of a golfer's clubs based on the current playing conditions. FlagHi uses temperature, elevation and humidity in its algorithms to predict updated carry distances for golf clubs. FlagHi Pro goes one step further with its PlaysAs™ feature which enables golfers to enter the distance for a specific golf shot - so they can see the distance that the shot actually plays.

FlagHi and FlagHi Pro can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store now:

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"For centuries, golfers have been guessing about the effects of current playing conditions on the carry distance of a golf ball," said Nate Regimbal, co-founder at 655 Maple, LLC and co-creator of FlagHi. "Everybody pretty much knows that when it's hot, or when you're playing at a higher elevation or when it's more humid, that the ball carries farther. But what about playing at sea level on a hot day? In that case, you have two opposing conditions affecting the ball. What is the net effect on carry distance then? Until now, it has really been a bunch of [literally] finger-to-the-wind guesswork. With FlagHi, we have developed an elegant approach to addressing this problem - that you can put in your pocket."

Mark Stratz, co-founder at 655 Maple, LLC and co-creator of FlagHi added, "The FlagHi technology nicely complements today's arsenal of technological advancements in golf, where players are increasingly looking toward data and analytics to improve their game. FlagHi tells you how far your ball is going to carry today - wherever you are in the world. Hot, cold, high, low - it doesn't matter. And with FlagHi Pro it tells you the distance your shot actually plays, and further suggests which club to hit. Why wouldn't every golfer want these data points?"

​FlagHi will benefit golfers of all levels of ability, from touring pros who are annotating their yardage books with their personalized PlaysAs values the evening before a tournament round, to recreational golfers playing their home course throughout the various seasons, but want to know how that day's current conditions are affecting their clubs' carry distances.

Use of the app requires minimal setup and configuration. To start, you enter the baseline conditions typically found at your home course, using the "My Home Course" screen: configure three fields and you're done. Then, you use the "My Clubs" interface to add and configure each of the clubs in your bag: add a club, enter its carry distance and then optionally configure the club loft and display preference. Once those initial configuration steps are completed, you are now ready to tap into the game-changing capabilities of the FlagHi patent-pending technology.

"Go to the 'Current Conditions' interface, enter your current elevation, and current temperature and humidity, and you're all set," added Regimbal. "You're now ready to tee it up. FlagHi shows you which conditions are helping or hurting your carry distance, and then calculates the overall aggregate effect. FlagHi updates your usual carry distance for each club with our calculated value, so you know how far that club will carry the ball right now - today."

To use the PlaysAs feature within the FlagHi Pro version of the app, you simply enter in the distance to your target, whether it's the reading on your range-finder, or the fairway marker, or your GPS. The app's algorithms then predict the distance that the shot actually plays. Further, it recommends which club you should use.

​"Finally, a golf app that takes the confusion out of selecting the right club," said Tim Lynch, professional golfer who currently plays on the All-American Gateway Tour. "FlagHi gives me a playing distance that is adjusted based on current conditions. It used to be difficult trying to figure out how far each shot would play based on constantly changing temperatures and elevations as I traveled from tournament to tournament - not any more. I am now able to choose the right club from my bag knowing its adjusted yardage, anywhere I play in the world. It has already built more trust into my game. For pros and amateurs alike, FlagHi will give every player complete confidence in how they flight the ball. The technology behind it will be great for recreational play and also for professionals preparing for competition. This app just makes sense! I am sure FlagHi will make a big difference in your game - I know it has in mine!"

FlagHi was developed for golfers around the world of all abilities, including touring pros and their caddies; college teams and their coaches; travelling recreational golfers; businessmen and businesswomen golfers; golfers who maintain multiple residences and club memberships; and golfers who play his or her home course throughout the various seasons but want to know how the day's current conditions are affecting their clubs' carry distances.

FlagHi and FlagHi Pro can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store for $4.99 and $9.99, respectively.

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About FlagHi

FlagHi ( is a game-changing smartphone technology for golfers. It addresses the centuries-old problem of being forced to guess how the current conditions of temperature, elevation and humidity are affecting the carry distance for each of a player's clubs. The patent-pending FlagHi technology, available on Apple's iOS platform (Android coming soon), determines the individual and aggregate effects of the differences in playing conditions between a golfer's home course and the golf course currently being played. The FlagHi algorithms adjust the carry distances for each golf club as determined by the current conditions. FlagHi Pro includes the PlaysAs interface, which provides the additional capability of being able to enter the distance for a current shot - whether measured via walk-off, or range-finder, tee box, or the distances in a yardage book - so golfers can understand what that distance actually plays - and therefore know which club to hit. The simple and intuitive FlagHi user interface won't delay the pace of play, and is reflective of this simple fact for golf: The golf ball flies through the air. And when the air changes, so too will the distance the ball carries. By allowing FlagHi to do the math for them, golfers of any ability now have the confidence of pulling the right club, and then watching how the conditions affect the carry distance of the ball. For more information, visit, on Facebook at, or on Twitter @FlagHiApp.


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